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While we were in Russia we met Oksana & just had to ask her about her cute feet. She just smiled like ... huh? What nobody has told you that you have cute feet? We told her we just love feet!!! Well, we got to see alot more than her feet! Check it out!

In her uniform! This comes off!! Great Feet! Something to relax in!!
Gotta take it off!!! Click for a Preview!

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Took the glasses off! Can you smell those feet? In your face!!!

We ran across Karen in the mall. Sexy w/glasses on & wearing white flipflops! Cute Feet I said. God! wanted to smell those feet. We made it back to her place and she took her glasses off. I asked if she could see without 'em. She said that she just wore 'em to pick up guys! Uh ??? DAMN! Worked!!!

Toe sucking pleasure! Chocolate cover toes!!!

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Toe sucking fun!!!

Cheerleader practice, great place for sweaty feet! Now meet April. Uh... buy your socks! She's like wtf ??? We talked her into letting us buy her socks. After talking for a while and her really thinking we were nuts, we got her to suck on her toes! Turns out she rooms with Karen!
Sweaty Smelly Cheerleader Feet!!! Just Cant get Enough!
Long Long Toes! Curled up! Check the Members' Area!

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I can put'em in my mouth too!

Hey, show me your feet! And she did! We were like ... huh? I would really like to see your feet a little closer maybe take some pictures get you to suck on your toes...whatcha think??? "okay" ... uh.. kewl! This Russian hottie was more than willing to show off ... and well.. we got to see her feet too!!!
Wanna Smell? Hot & Sweaty!
Can you do this? Ohhhh Fresh and Clean! Free Preview!

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Curl them toes! Do you want me? Do you like my feet?

This was a total accident!! We actually walked in on Victoria making a video for her boyfriend. We told her we'd snap a few pics and she could send those to her boyfriend too. Heh Heh "hey we will fix it all up for you" Yeah Right! And she gave us the tape! Now everybody will see her!!
Wanna smell them? Slip it between them now!!! Free Clip!

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